Oh, to be uncomfortable


Michelle Scott

‘There is nothing wrong with being comfortable unless that comfort causes you to rely on God less and become complacent about the lost around you.’



Through a variety of circumstances this week, this quote really spoke to me. How easy it is for us as humans to get caught up in everyday life and become so comfortable that we forget all about relying on God and seeking to reach the lost. This happens to me far too often and sometimes it can feel like we have never really left this place of comfort. I want to share with you parts of the life of Amy Carmichael and how she lived an uncomfortable life in order to share in the glories of Christ.


Amy Carmichael started growing up in a rich family and hence a comfortable life until her father’s business close down and he died, leaving their family with little. As Amy grew up, her heart for the poor grew and she would regularly be involved in church ministry to hand out tracts and give food to the poor. Not long after this, Amy moved into the poor neighbourhood, sleeping in a flee-infested bed just to be closer to the people and share Christ with them. However, Amy’s discomfort was a continual issue as she also suffered from a chronic illness that saw her in bed for days on end, yet despite her health issues, Amy felt God calling her to India to tell people of Christ there. And so for over 50 years Amy faithfully served in India rescuing girls from sex slavery, without ever returning home to see her friends or family.


We can only begin to imagine the discomfort Amy would have felt at many times during her ministry- the pain of her illness, the burden of a dark world and longings to return to an easy life would have been a continual call upon her to rely on the strength of Christ. For truly there is a beauty that when we become uncomfortable in this life, we know we have much comfort awaiting us in the next. May this be an encouragement for all of us to pray that God would drag us out of comfortable lifestyles in order to know and serve Him better with a dependence on Him.



And what profit is it if you gain the whole world, yet lose your own soul?

Mark 8:36